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Life on ZJNU Campus

ZJNU's beautiful campus is a great place to live. Located on the north side of the city at the foot of the mountains, the campus has three small lakes and several spacious lawns, and it is closed to public traffic. It is spread out but certainly walkable, with plenty of walking paths and quiet places to be found on days with good weather. The west side of campus has the oldest buildings and the tallest trees; the east side was expanded and developed more recently in the 1990s. 

In addition to academic facilities, there are outdoor sports facilities all across campus open for public use, including basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, and two track and field stadiums. Four cafeterias provide plenty of a la carte eating options. The campus bus provides easy transportation to the city center, weaving its way through campus and following a loop downtown past the train and bus stations down to People's Square before returning to campus. The campus gets the best of city and country, being far enough out of the way to feel quiet and peaceful but not so far to make downtown Jinhua inaccessible. 

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