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Teaching at ZJNU

 ZJNU hires two types of long-term foreign faculty members (content course instructors and language instructors) and one type of short-term faculty (short-term course visiting professors). Language instructors are hired on a year-by-year basis. Contracts are for one year and renewable depending on performance and mutual agreement. Content course instructor contracts are on a four-year basis. ZJNU especially seeks well-known scholars and experts in different fields. Faculty members from English-speaking countries on sabbatical are wanted to teach for a one-year or one-semester term. University faculty from Western countries are also hired to teach month-long courses from May to June.

Prospective international teachers (language instructors, subject experts and adjunct course faculty) should apply by email. Applicants should send a cover letter along with a resume or CV to Ms. Fang Liang at fangliang531@126.com

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