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International Students Enjoy Samplings of Traditional Chinese Culture

Resources for Students

Learning and living at ZJNU is pleasant and exciting, yet can be challenging because it is a totally different cultural environment from your own. The following a resources you can use for applying to study at ZJNU, or if you are already a student.

Requirements and Expectations

While cultural expectations for student behavior and lifestyle may differ between countries, international students at ZJNU will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the guidelines outlined in the International Student Handbook.

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Though China is quickly rising as a global power, for many local people ZJNU's international students are their first interaction with the world outside their country's borders. International students are often viewed as representatives of their home country's culture and people, so students are encouraged to conduct themselves in a way that will create positive impressions and relationships for future intercultural interactions.
Religion guidelines
The Chinese government permits students to practice their own religion in China provided it conforms to the policies established by law. For specific guidelines related to the practice of religion by foreigners in China, please consult the International Student Handbook.

International Student Housing

All international students must apply for on-campus housing. The International Office will assign housing based on academic program, funding source and student preferences.

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The rooms of international students’ dormitory are equipped with furniture, air conditioning,bathrooms etc. Kitchens with refrigeratiors, microwave ovens and electromagnetic ovens are equipped on every floor. Laundry room is configured with intelligent system.
Double room:15-20 RMB per person per night.
Single room: 30-40 RMB per night.



School Calendar and Activities

There are many exciting activities provided for international students throughout the academic year. Some of them allow students to showcase traditions and skills from their home countries; others provide a chance to develop and perform newly-learned skills related to Chinese language and culture.

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Every year brings different opportunities and events. Past activities have included: various competitions involving Chinese language, cultural/historical knowledge, and talent in traditional Chinese skills like calligraphy and martial arts; New Year's talent shows; food festivals; and more! Students are not required to participate, but their contributions are welcomed and encouraged.


For specific school activities, festivals and holidays, see the ZJNU School Calendar.

Class Schedules

Class schedules for international students may vary according to whether they are in undergraduate programs, Chinese language programs, or graduate programs.

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Undergraduate class schedules are very busy, as international students take all required courses with Chinese classmates. In addition to courses related to their major, students are required to fulfill general requirements such as art and physical education.
Chinese language classes are held Monday to Friday mornings, with afternoons open for studying and other activities. These classes are held in the Foreign Language College building, allowing students ample opportunities to practice their language skills with Chinese students.
Graduate class schedules vary more, with some programs scheduled on weekends or evenings to accommodate Chinese students with full-time jobs. Class attendance is expected, and good standing for scholarships and other privileges may be dependent on acceptable attendance. 
For further information on specific courses required for each program, go to the Degree Programs section of this site.


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