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Positions & Requirements

Three types of faculty positions are needed at ZJNU: long-term content course instructors, long-term language instructors and short-term content course instructors (visiting professors or adjunct faculty). The positions and requirements are described below. 


Prospective international teachers (language instructors, subject experts and adjunct course faculty) should apply by email. Applicants should send a cover letter along with a resume or CV to Ms. Fang Liang at fangliang531@126.com

Positions Types

Language instructors in general are required to have a bachelor’s degree with at least two years of work experience. Teaching experience is preferable but not required. TEFL/TESL certification is also preferred but not required.

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ZJNU International Faculty Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree (any subject)
At least two years of work experience following undergraduate graduation
Teaching experience (TEFL/TESL experience preferred but not required)
Clear, standard accent
Current passport valid for at least the next 12 months
Flexible, easy-going attitude
Desire to get to know students and be involved in campus life
Foreign language faculty are expected to sign contracts for a full academic year (10 months). Contracts are renewed every year in the spring at the discretion of the International Office. 
Language Instructors
Language Instructors in general are required to have a bachelor’s degree with at least two years of work experience. Teaching experience is preferable but not required. TEFL/TESL certification is also preferred but not required. Faculty should be native English speakers (preference for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland passport holders) OR native Japanese speakers (preference for Japanese passport).
Contracts are normally for one year (10 month actual instruction) and renewable based on performance and mutual agreement. Salaries start at 5,000 RMB a month with a Bachelor’s degree, and may be higher for those with more advanced degrees. Benefits include round-trip airfare, medical insurance, and a stipend for utility. Housing is free.
Content Course Instructors
There is no set package for content course faculty. Salary and benefits depend on qualification and experience. Contracts are for a four-year term and salaries are comparable to those in Western countries. 
Short-term Faculty
Compensation for faculty on sabbatical can be negotiated according to the nature of the courses and teaching load. Four- and six-week short-term faculty are paid per number of courses. ZJNU provides round-trip airfare and free accommodations plus a stipend of 4,000-4,500 USD per course.

Workload Requirements

Foreign language faculty will be assigned 12-16 periods of teaching per week; each period is 40 minutes. Most classes meet for a 2-period block (90 minutes including a 10 minute break) once a week. This means a teacher may see 6-8 different groups of students each week. Teachers of College English will see three groups of students for five periods per week. 

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Work time outside the classroom includes class preparation, grading, and proctoring and evaluating final exams. Although office hours are not required, teachers are encouraged to meet with students as needed. Foreign faculty of the College of Foreign Languages share two offices (one for English faculty, one for Japanese faculty).


Teachers are not required to create a syllabus for their course. Textbooks are provided for all content courses and some Oral English courses. Textbooks will be given to teachers after their arrival in China. Experienced teachers may come in with some plans for curriculum, but some flexibility should be expected in terms of plans and structure as the teachers adapt to the students and to the courses. New faculty will not be expected to have complete materials and curriculum ready at the beginning of a semester. Most textbooks are written by Chinese teachers and published in mainland China. International faculty are welcome to supplement the textbook with other interesting resources students may not otherwise be exposed to. Generally speaking, in addition to language skills and course content, international faculty are encouraged to give students the experience of getting to know someone from a different culture. Personal anecdotes and interests, cultural notes, and multimedia can all be used to enhance students’ learning experience. 
Courses taught by international faculty have included:
Oral English
Survey of English Speaking Countries
Cross-cultural Communication
Practical English Writing
Practical English Writing for Secretaries
Advanced English Writing
English Creative Writing
Business English Listening & Speaking 
Business English Writing 
Reading and Writing for non-English-major Graduate Students
College English: Integrated Reading Course and Listening Course
English Speech
English Speech and Debate Competition
Discourse Analysis 
Appreciation of Classic British & American Literary Works
Greek and Roman Mythology
Team Training
Market Research
Brand Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Investigation and Research of Real Business
MBA Association Activities
Physical Training 

Religious Guidelines

ZJNU encourages faculty and student diversity. Faculty of all faiths are allowed and encouraged to practice their religion. However, faculty members are required to practice their faith in private and not in classroom or campus activities.

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An appendix to the International Faculty Handbook details the national government’s guidelines for religious activities of internationals residing in China. This document explains the religious rights of internationals and also lays out boundaries for illegal religious activity. 


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