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University Leadership

State universities in China are administered jointly by branch committees from the Communist Party of China (CPC), also known as university councils, and by university administrators. This joint administration is also reflected in the structure of each college within the university. Below are listed the members of the CPC Committee and the heads of the university with their respective positions.


ZJNU University Council (CPC Committee)
Chairman                                                                           Chen Dexi 陈德喜
Vice Chairman                                                                        Jiang Guojun 蒋国俊
Vice Chairman (Alumni Affairs)                                              Zhang Xianliang 张先亮
Vice Chairman (Student Affairs)                                             Wang Jianli 王建力
Council Members
Yang Ling (Ms.) 杨玲
Lou Shizhou 楼世洲
Niu Donghong 牛东红
Zhang Genfu 张根福
Zhu Jian 朱坚
Shao Guoping 邵国平
Zhong Yijun 钟依均
Liang Kedong 梁克东
ZJNU Administration
President                                                                                   Jiang Guojun 蒋国俊
Vice President (Administrative Affairs)                                      Yang Ling (Ms.) 杨玲
Vice President (Research and Collaboration)                           Lou Shizhou 楼世洲
Vice President (Academic Affairs)                                             Li Weijian 李伟健
Vice President (Logistics and Development)                             Zhang Genfu 张根福
Vice President (Information Services)                                       Wang Hui 王辉
Assistant President (Hangzhou Campus Management)           Pan Huiju 潘慧炬






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