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Teaching Resources

Specific procedures and policies for classes, schedules, exams, etc. will differ from college to college within ZJNU, but the following resources should be useful for all current international faculty. 

Class Schedule

All classes Monday-Friday are organized within the following schedule. International faculty are not typically assigned evening class times. Most classes meet for two or three periods at a time once a week, for example, every Wednesday morning periods 4-5 (10:35-12:00). Break times during the class can be taken at the teacher’s discretion.

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Period 1:   8:00-8:40

Period 2:  8:45-9:25
Period 3:  9:40-10:20
Period 4: 10:35-11:15
Period 5: 11:20-12:00
Lunch:     12:00-2:00
Period 6:  2:00-2:40
Period 7:  2:45-3:25
Period 8:  3:40-4:20
Period 9:  4:25-5:05
Dinner:     5:05-6:00
Period 10: 6:00-6:40
Period 11: 6:45-7:25
Period 12: 7:40-8:20


International Faculty Handbook

The International Office has prepared a concise handbook for international faculty of ZJNU.

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This reference includes procedures for registering to live in Jinhua, information about apartments, details of campus policies, and many useful phone numbers and addresses for people and offices on and around campus. International faculty are encouraged familiarize themselves with this handbook.

College Liaisons

Most international faculty will be assigned a Chinese teacher to act as the liaison between them and the college in which they teach. The liaison should provide information about class schedules, classrooms, final exams, etc., and should be available as a go-to person for other issues that come up in the course of the semester. 

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College      Name Phone Email

College of Foreign Languages (English) Sean Yao             13757995568 / 668868 seanyao@126.com
College of Foreign Languages (Japanese) Fan Xiaoping 13867969525 / 699525 fxpzjsx@163.com
Xingzhi College Pang Pei 138679935289 / 653528 pangpei@126/com
International College                                   Guo Jianling         15888982359 / 642359       guojli1977@zjnu.cn
Chuyang Honors College                            Zhang Jing           15858901813 / 661813       zhangjing@zjnu.cn   
Graduate College                                        Zheng Xiangjuan  13819980955 / 663955      857622519@qq.com
College of Economics and                          Wang Hualu          15906898139 / 698139      katewanghl@126.com
China-Africa International                           Wang Hualu           15906898139 / 698139     katewanghl@126.com
         Business School           
Hangzhou College of Preschool                  Zhang Yu              18857107219                    112283107@qq.com
        Teacher Education
College of Physical Education                     Cui Xueping          13757966645 / 666645     16021317@qq.com
        and Health Sciences    
College of Mathematics, Physics                Wang Cong            15268640668 / 680668     wangcong@zjnu.cn
        and Information Engineering
Institute of African Studies                          Shen Hong             13646699270 / 679270     hon_shen@zjnu.cn
Tin Ka Ping Institute of                                Li Jihua                   82285668 / 685668          313726251@qq.com
         Educational Science
Procedures for creating, administering, proctoring and grading final exams differ by course and by college. International faculty are encouraged to proactively consult their college liaison mid-semester to properly prepare for the final exams, as some liaisons may not give much advance notice or information about it.

Faculty Intranet Site

ZJNU international faculty who teach undergraduate students will be given access to the ZJNU faculty intranet, where they can see their class schedules, download class rosters, find the exams and times they will proctor, and enter semester grades. 

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For more information, please reference the following PDF.


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