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Safety and Emergency Help

Campus Safety

ZJNU's campus is, for the most part, a quiet and peaceful place, but incidents do occur from time to time, so everyone is encouraged to be aware of basic safety precautions. Traffic is probably the most pervasive safety concern. The streets on campus handle a heavy flow of pedestrians, plus bicycles, electric bikes, motorcycles, cars, and campus buses. Pedestrians should take care for their own safety at all times, especially avoiding mobile phone use while walking in the road, as vehicle drivers are not always particularly experienced or aware of others around them. Cyclists and drivers should maintain low speeds on campus (the official limit is 20 km/h) and watch out for pedestrians who may or may not be paying any attention to anything around them. 

Aside from traffic, bike theft is a common nuisance; using good locks and being smart about where to leave bikes overnight will decrease the chances of theft. Occasional thefts are reported from classroom buildings as well. Violent crime is extremely rare, but as always everyone should take basic measures to ensure their safety, especially at night, and know how to get help if anything should happen. Security guards are stationed at all the main gates and at various points around the campus, and live-in maintenance staff for many of the buildings and dormitories are also available at most times of day. Emergency phone numbers and information for use in serious situations can be found below. 
Emergency Help
Internationals rarely encounter emergency situations, but it does happen occasionally. The police can be called for any emergency, but they usually speak only Chinese. They will need the location and basic details of the situation in order to send the appropriate help.
Whether or not Chinese translation is needed, international students and teachers are encouraged to contact their respective representative in ZJNU’s International Office in case of emergency. International Office staff can interface with local emergency response and make sure appropriate care and representation happens.
If a doctor’s visit is necessary, international students and teachers should contact their respective International Office representative. The representatives can help arrange visits to the campus clinic or the hospitals downtown, and can even arrange for a translator if needed. Even better, they can make sure the care is covered by insurance.
Phone Numbers
Police:                 110 (call) 12110 (text message)
Fire station:         119
Ambulance:         120
Traffic accidents: 122
International Students Office  
International Teachers Office



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