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Nearby Businesses

The areas just next to ZJNU's campus have grown up to support both local resident communities and the student/faculty community of the university. Basically anything needed for campus life or normal local life can be found at nearby businesses. 

Luojiatang, the neighborhood just south of campus, is a thriving local community that is made up of locals of all walks of life but also caters to the faculty housing developments in it. In addition to the restaurants, markets, and supermarkets described elsewhere in this site, Luojiatang businesses include convenience stores, several pharmacies, massage parlors, a KTV (karaoke), a photography studio, a florist, a bike shop, several banks with ATMs, a post office, roadside mechanics who fix bikes, shoes, and anything else you bring them, and an assortment of small shops with random cute things for sale. 
The businesses in Beimen, the area just outside the north gate of campus, cater more to the student population, but the area does have permanent residents and there is a local village just across the highway. Much of Beimen's business is focused on food, with dozens of small restaurants and street food stands. Other businesses in Beimen include copy shops, medical clinics, bike repair shops, hair salons, hotels, a Russian bakery, and a preschool for local kids. 
There is also a "commercial street" just inside the north gate of the campus and a row of other little businesses heading east behind the cafeterias which provide many services needed by campus residents. These include convenience stores, ATMs, stationery/school supply stores, small electronics stores, pharmacies, package delivery offices, a bus ticket office, mobile phone stores, hair/beauty salons, and eyeglass stores. 

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