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Shopping & Cuisine

You can buy almost anything you need in Jinhua. Internationals will not be at a loss for acquiring basic necessities during their stay at ZJNU. Perishable and non-perishable groceries, clothing, and household items, as well as both Western and Chinese restaurants, are a mere stroll or bus ride away. 

Vegetable Markets
Luojiatang, the neighborhood just south of ZJNU's campus, has an traditional semi-open-air market for buying groceries. Local vendors bring vegetables and other wares either from their own gardens or from Jinhua's wholesale market to sell at reasonable prices at the Luojiatang market. The market is located about halfway down the east side of Luojiatang's new street and is open all day from morning until about 5:30 or 6:00pm. 
Some vegetables are also available in the mornings in the far north part of Beimen, the area just outside ZJNU's north gate. Roadside fruit vendors can be found all up and down Luojiatang and also in Beimen. 
For basic home goods as well as groceries, local supermarkets can be found both in Luojiatang and Beimen. Luojiatang's Futailong supermarket, on the second floor above the vegetable market, is a good place to find a lot of useful things. A smaller supermarket called Huazhou is also useful. Beimen has a couple small supermarkets as well. 
Downtown Jinhua has a larger Futailong supermarket as well as a Wal-Mart on the north side of the river. The most notable supermarket south of the river is probably Century Mart. All three of these have small sections of foreign import goods.
Western Food
Jinhua's offering of Western chain restaurants is expanding. A few years ago, the only Western restaurants to be found were a Pizza Hut and a few KFCs, but now Jinhua is home to a Starbucks, a couple Dairy Queens, a McDonald's, and two Papa John's Pizza restaurants. Smaller restaurants offering Western food options come and go; current favorites include a Napolese-style pizza restaurant (Cin Cin Pizza), a taco joint (Taco Ole), and a Mediterranean cafe (Danny's Cafe). Western baking supplies can be found at a small store near the train station. 
General Shopping
Downtown Jinhua has a variety of malls and shopping centers, ranging from the new and extravagant Wan Da Shopping Plaza and Yong Sheng Mall, the stable and familiar Yi Bai and In Time shopping malls, down to the bustling, claustrophobic, bargain-your-way-to-glory, Asian-market-style Heng Da Baihuo and Jinhua Mall. Of course there are hundreds of small shops and businesses throughout the city selling anything and everything; you just have to find them. On most evenings a night market assembles on one of the main streets downtown across from In Time mall near People's Square. 
Local Restaurants
Local restaurants can be found all over the city, from tiny hole-in-the-wall dumpling and noodle shops to larger, well-decorated specialty restaurants. Near ZJNU the most convenient areas to find food are Beimen and Luojiatang. Both have dozens of small restaurants, some that have been around for years and others that change hands every semester. There are Chinese restaurants offering cuisine from all over the country, including a few Muslim restaurants that offer halal food. Everybody's got their favorite; it's just a matter of trying new places and finding what you like. 

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