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Getting Around

Jinhua is a great city for getting around. It has not yet sprawled as wide as Hangzhou or Shanghai and can be traversed from end to end by bus or bike in around an hour. 

City Bus Routes
A variety of public bus routes criss-cross the city. The buses cost 2 RMB per trip and typically come every 10 minutes or so. The bus number is indicated clearly on the front and back of the bus. The stops for each bus route can be read in Chinese on the signs at the bus stops. Drivers are friendly but do not speak any English.  
How to Buy Train and Bus Tickets
Travel from Jinhua to other cities in China is easy to arrange. As Jinhua does not have an airport, train and bus are the main means of leaving Jinhua. Train tickets can be purchased at the train station, at ticket office locations in the city, or online. Tickets are available starting about two weeks before the day of travel. 
Bus tickets can be purchased at the bus stations or at a ticket office on campus. It is important to note that unlike train tickets, bus tickets can only be purchased in the departure city. That is, in Jinhua you can only buy tickets to go from Jinhua to somewhere else; the return ticket must be bought upon arrival in the other city. Bus tickets are available several days before the day of travel. 
How to Buy Bikes and E-bikes
Bicycles and electric mopeds ("e-bikes") are common and convenient means of transportation. At the beginning of each academic year, bike vendors set up big tents near campus to sell bicycles to the new students. Bikes can also be bought at bike shops which are open year-round near campus or downtown. Repair and maintenance can be done either at the shop where a bike was purchased or by any of the handymen who work in the neighborhood. 
E-bikes are sold at various locations downtown. Driver's licenses are not required to drive e-bikes, but passports are required for registering e-bikes with the local police in event of accidents or theft. Traffic laws prohibit carrying adult passengers on e-bikes. 


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