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Colleges in Humanities

College of Humanities

The College of Humanities is composed of three regular full-time undergraduate programs, three master’s programs, and one PhD program. In addition, the College also offers an M.Ed. in Program Education (Chinese and History) and an MPA in Culture Management.

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Graduates of the College of Humanities typically work as teachers and special experts in language, history, art and culture. It has established provincial level key research bases for social science and humanities. The College currently has 87 faculty members, and enrolls 1,319 undergraduate and 455 graduate students. 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8553
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8553
Email: rwyb@zjnu.cn 
Undergraduate Departments
Chinese Language & Literature Program
Chair: Cui Xiaojing (崔小敬)
Chair: Zhao Zhihui (赵志辉)
Email: zzhtime@zjnu.cn  
Humanities Education
Chair: Chen Caiyun (陈彩云)
Email: ccy@zjnu.cn   
Master's Programs
Chinese Language and Literature
Chinese History
World History
Doctoral Programs
Chinese Language and Literature

College of Foreign Languages

The College of Foreign Languages was established in 1960 and employs 126 faculty and staff, including 14 international faculty. It currently has three undergraduate departments, four graduate programs, and two professional graduate programs.

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Exchange programs have been established with over a dozen overseas universities. Current enrollment includes over 1,000 undergraduate students and over 400 graduate students. In addition to its own students, the College provides the foreign language classes required for students of other colleges within ZJNU.  


The College has two full buildings with facilities that include a computer-assisted translation lab, a simultaneous interpreting lab, a language training center, and a pre-service English teachers’ training center. Other advanced facilities such as the recording studio, the FM radio station, and the lecture hall provide the faculty and students with good conditions for teaching, learning, and other academic activities. 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-9168
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-9168
Undergraduate Programs
English Education
Chair: Fu Anquan (付安权)
Translation and Interpreting
Chair: Jiang Lin (蒋林)
Chair: Xu Weijie (徐微洁)
Graduate Programs 
Chair: Tang Yanfang (唐艳芳)
Email: yftang_zjnu@163.com
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
English Literature
Translation Studies
Foreign Language Curriculum 
Teacher Development
Professional Master's Programs
English Teaching
Translation and Interpreting

College of Music

The College of Music was founded in 1985. It currently employs 68 faculty and staff members, and has a full-time enrollment of 668 undergraduate and 58 graduate students.

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The College offers two bachelor’s programs and two master’s degree programs. It also recruits graduate students for Master of Education and Master of Fine Arts, and trains those who apply for a master's degree in coequal educational level.
In the last 30 years, the College has developed a training program that centers on practice and caters to the individual student. Students have won numerous prizes in national contests such as the National Collegiate Music Skills Contest and the National University Students Art Performance Exhibit, and many have gone on to become outstanding primary and middle school music teachers. Its classroom building space houses advanced multi-media classrooms, audio-visual laboratories, MIDI studios, digital piano classrooms, ensemble rehearsal rooms, dance studios, piano practice rooms, recording studios, voice analysis rooms, and a concert hall. The College has partnerships with both domestic and overseas universities, including a student exchange program with Taras Shevchenko National Pedagogical University (Ukraine), Washburn University (USA), University of Central Oklahoma (USA), and Shuming Women’s University (Korea).
College Contact Information
Undergraduate Programs
Chair: Han Qichao (韩启超)
Musical Performance
Chair: Zhu Bin  (朱斌)


Music Theory and Composition
Vocal Music
Piano and Orchestra
National Instrumental Music
Division of Dance Teaching and Research
Practice Teaching and Art Department 
Music Research Center
Master's Programs 

College of Fine Arts

The College of Fine Arts was founded in 1985 and now has 69 faculty members, including 29 professors and associate professors. In its three undergraduate programs and one graduate program, all focused on visual arts, the College features a curriculum that integrates teaching, academic research and social service into an organic whole.

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It uses teaching studios and practicum bases to create a favorable educational environment and produce students with marketable skills upon graduation. The College has an advanced multi-functional infrastructure, including an art gallery, an exhibition hall, a visual arts lab center, an art book and resource center, a teaching equipment service center, and an art exhibit and exchange center. 


In recent years, students have won awards in the National College Performance and Art Exhibition, the National College Advertising Art Design Competition, and other professional competitions and artistic exhibitions at different levels. Through academic research, direction of teaching and curriculum projects, and the creation of award-winning art, the College of Fine Arts is striving to become a leader of the field in Zhejiang Province and a nationally influential art institution. 
Chinese Painting Studio
Oil Painting Studio
Printmaking Studio
Model Making Studio
Arts and Design Studio
Clay Modeling Studio
Research Centers
Digital Arts Research Center 
Fundamental Fine Arts Education Research Center
African Arts Research Center
Arts and Design R & D Center
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8228-3080
Email: msxy@zjnu.cn
Undergraduate Programs 
Visual Communication Design
Chair: Xu Huaying (徐华颖)
Environmental Design
Chair: Luo Qingzhi (罗青石)
Product Design
Chair: Zhu Xinzi (朱欣子)
Graduate Programs
 Fine Arts
Chair: Wang Qin (王琴)

College of Communication and Creative Culture

Founded in October 2008, the College of Communication and Creative Culture is a young but vibrant college designed to meet the current societal demands for cultural creation, communication, management and operations talent.

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Taking advantage of the existing University disciplines in humanities, information technology, art, and administration, the College is striving to integrate the arts, science, technology, and management. At present, the College offers four undergraduate programs and two graduate programs. 

The College of Communication and Creative Culture provides the research base for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Zhejiang Province and has made outstanding achievements in the application, protection and study of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” projects. In 2012, Professor Chen Huawen's Folklore History of Zhejiang Province won a provincial Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, and the research base for Intangible Cultural Heritage was named the “Excellent Research Base in Zhejiang Province” by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture. 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-1988
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-1988
Website (Chinese): http://ccxy.zjnu.net.cn
Undergraduate Programs
Chair: Wang Chenhui (王陈辉)  
Digital Media Technology
Chair: Yu Tao  (余韬)  
Email: YT@zjnu.cn
Film and TV Literature
Chair: Lin Youjia (林友桂) 
Culture Industry Management
Chair: Cen Xiaoqing  (岑孝清)
Radio and Television Art
Chair: Jing Xiuming  (景秀明) 
Chair: Chen Huawen (陈华文)
Advertising (in cooperation with Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Chair: Peng Gang (彭纲)
Email: pg@zjnu.cn
Culture Industry Management (in cooperation with Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Chair: Peng Gang (彭纲)
Email: pg@zjnu.cn
Digital Media Technology (in cooperation with Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Chair: Peng Gang (彭纲)
Email: pg@zjnu.cn
Graduate Programs
Radio and Television Art
Chair: Zou Xianyao (邹贤尧)
Chair: Zou Xianyao (邹贤尧)

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