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Colleges in Social Sciences and Business

College of Economics and Management

The College of Economics and Management offers ten full-time undergraduate programs, two MBA programs, and two other graduate programs. Of the two MBA programs, one is taught in Chinese for domestic students and international students, and the other taught in English for international students.

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The College has signed agreements with over 50 companies for student internships and boasts a 90% job placement rate for graduates in recent years. The College strives to train first-class economics and managerial professionals who will be able to contribute to regional economic growth and innovative entrepreneurial development.

The College also has a strong research capacity. It is host to five key University-sponsored research institutes which focus on different fields of economics and business. In the past five years, the College’s faculty members have completed 20 state-level projects and 85 provincial-level projects and have published over 50 academic books, as well as more than 120 academic papers.

Research Institutes and Centers

Institute of Regional Economics
Institute of Business Administration
Central Zhejiang Center for Commerce and Marketing
Central Zhejiang Institute of Strategic Urban Development
Center for Industrial Economics Research
Central Zhejiang Research Site of the Zhejiang Small and Mid-sized Business Bureau
Institute of Jinhua Local Businessmen

College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8567
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8567
Email: sxy@zjnu.edu.cn
Website: http://sxy.zjnu.edu.cn

Undergraduate Programs

International Economics and Trade
Chair: Feng Chaoqian (冯潮前)
Email: zsdfcq@zjnu.cn

Business Administration
Chair: Ye Yongling (叶永玲)
Email: ydzju@zjnu.cn

Chair: Ge Shenwei (葛深渭)
Email: sxy32@zjnu.cn

Chair: Jia Mingyue (贾明月)
Email: jmyf1@zjnu.cn

Financial Management
Chair: Liu Binhong (刘斌红)
Email: sxy6@zjnu.cn

Chair: Zou Yimin (邹益民)
Email: yimzou@gmail.com

Chair: Lin Yun (林云)
Email: cloudlin@zjnu.cn

Tourism Management and Service Teacher Education
Chair: Jin Kangwei (金康伟)
Email: zkw@zjnu.cn

Financial Accounting Teacher Education
Chair: Pan Linzhi (潘林芝)
Email: sxy57@zjnu.cn

Graduate Programs
Business Administration
Chair: Zheng Wenzhe (郑文哲)
Email: zwz@zjnu.cn

Regional Economics
Chair: Xie Shouhong (谢守红)
Email: xieshouhong@163.com

Chair: Jiang Xinwang (姜新旺)
Email: jxw52@zjnu.cn

MBA for International Students
Chair: Jiang Xinwang (姜新旺)
Email: jxw52@zjnu.cn

China-Africa School of International Business

The China-Africa School of International Business was founded in 2010. Aiming to establish a world-class international business school with a special focus in Sino-African business, it is the only African business education institute in any Chinese university.

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The School focuses on economic trade and business administration, integrating personnel training, business consulting, and academic research. It is dedicated to training professionals for global business development, especially for leading Sino-African economic and trade cooperation and developing education and human resources. The School is making positive contributions to world economic development as well as China's Sino-African diplomatic strategy and socioeconomic development.
College Contact Information
Tel: +86-579-82290738
Fax: +86-579-82290738
Undergraduate Programs
International Economics and Trade 
Chair: Zheng Xiaoyong  (郑小勇) 
Graduate Programs
International Business Management
Chair: Zheng Xiaoyong (郑小勇) 


College of Law and Political Science

The College of Law and Political Science, formerly known as the Department of Politics and History, was established in 1977. At present, it has a full-time enrollment of about 930 undergraduate and about 600 graduate students. 

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It has a staff of over 80 members and 6 doctoral student advisors. Among the teaching staff, one is a provincial Accomplished Young and Middle-aged Expert, three are provincial Master Teachers, three are Zhejiang New Century 151 Talent Project (Levels 1 and 2) finalists, and six are Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders of Zhejiang Institutions of Higher Learning. Professor Zheng Hangsheng, Chairman of the Chinese Sociology Association and doctoral student advisor, is a joint appointment professor.

Currently the College offers four undergraduate majors in Ideological and Political Education, Science of Law, Social Work, and Administrative Management. In the 2008 evaluation by the Ministry of Education, the College's research capacity came in 10th among the country's 69 universities involved. The College is now offering a Level-A graduate program (comprising 6 Level-B graduate programs), 4 Level-B graduate programs in Sociology, Civil Law and Commercial Law, Administrative Management, and Foreign Philosophies, two professional degree programs in Master of Public Administration and Master of Social Work, and a Master of Education professional degree program in Ideology.
College Contact Information
Add: Building 26, Zhejiang Normal University
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8616
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8616
Undergraduate Programs
Political Education
Legal Studies
Social Work
Administrative Management
Academic Master's Programs 
Principles of Marxism
Marxist Philosophy
Political theory and practice
Administrative Management
Civil Law
Professional Master's Programs
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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