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Honors College - Chuyang Honors College

The College uses a tutorial system supported by outstanding teachers. Admission is highly selective; applicants are screened according to their College Entrance Examination results and grouped into Arts, Sciences, and English classes with individualized programs for different groups. In their first year, students take comprehensive foundational courses, and in the second year they begin to choose their majors and take elective courses selected with the help of their advisors. At this time, the students also make individualized course plans and research training agenda. The College has initiated several domestic and international exchange programs for students. Every year excellent students are dispatched overseas for study or for cultural exchange.
In addition to receiving a diploma upon graduation, students who meet the requirements will be awarded a Chuyang College Certificate of Honor. Students who excel in both moral and academic performance will be recommended for graduate studies without having to take the examinations. Chuyang College graduates enjoy a high rate of successful job placement. Many go on to further study at prestigious universities both domestically and internationally, and of the graduates who go on to work in education, 50% land jobs in provincial-level first-class key high schools. 
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