Zhejiang Normal University
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Colleges and Departments

Zhejiang Normal University has 19 colleges covering all branches of learning except military sciences and nursing. The following is a list of the colleges grouped according to the nature of their disciplines.

Honors College - Chuyang Honors College

The Chuyang Honors College, founded in 2002, strives to balance liberal arts and strong major training. It aims to foster highly competent academic talents who are morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically developed and are well-trained with creativity, research competence, initiative, and team spirit.

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The College uses a tutorial system supported by outstanding teachers. Admission is highly selective; applicants are screened according to their College Entrance Examination results and grouped into Arts, Sciences, and English classes with individualized programs for different groups. In their first year, students take comprehensive foundational courses, and in the second year they begin to choose their majors and take elective courses selected with the help of their advisors. At this time, the students also make individualized course plans and research training agenda. The College has initiated several domestic and international exchange programs for students. Every year excellent students are dispatched overseas for study or for cultural exchange.
In addition to receiving a diploma upon graduation, students who meet the requirements will be awarded a Chuyang College Certificate of Honor. Students who excel in both moral and academic performance will be recommended for graduate studies without having to take the examinations. Chuyang College graduates enjoy a high rate of successful job placement. Many go on to further study at prestigious universities both domestically and internationally, and of the graduates who go on to work in education, 50% land jobs in provincial-level first-class key high schools. 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8228-2973


College of Economics and Management

The College of Economics and Management offers ten full-time undergraduate programs, two MBA programs, and two other graduate programs. Of the two MBA programs, one is taught in Chinese for domestic students and international students, and the other taught in English for international students.

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The College has signed agreements with over 50 companies for student internships and boasts a 90% job placement rate for graduates in recent years. The College strives to train first-class economics and managerial professionals who will be able to contribute to regional economic growth and innovative entrepreneurial development.

The College also has a strong research capacity. It is host to five key University-sponsored research institutes which focus on different fields of economics and business. In the past five years, the College’s faculty members have completed 20 state-level projects and 85 provincial-level projects and have published over 50 academic books, as well as more than 120 academic papers.

Research Institutes and Centers

Institute of Regional Economics
Institute of Business Administration
Central Zhejiang Center for Commerce and Marketing
Central Zhejiang Institute of Strategic Urban Development
Center for Industrial Economics Research
Central Zhejiang Research Site of the Zhejiang Small and Mid-sized Business Bureau
Institute of Jinhua Local Businessmen

College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8567
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8567
Email: sxy@zjnu.edu.cn
Website: http://sxy.zjnu.edu.cn

Undergraduate Programs

International Economics and Trade
Chair: Feng Chaoqian (冯潮前)
Email: zsdfcq@zjnu.cn

Business Administration
Chair: Ye Yongling (叶永玲)
Email: ydzju@zjnu.cn

Chair: Ge Shenwei (葛深渭)
Email: sxy32@zjnu.cn

Chair: Jia Mingyue (贾明月)
Email: jmyf1@zjnu.cn

Financial Management
Chair: Liu Binhong (刘斌红)
Email: sxy6@zjnu.cn

Chair: Zou Yimin (邹益民)
Email: yimzou@gmail.com

Chair: Lin Yun (林云)
Email: cloudlin@zjnu.cn

Tourism Management and Service Teacher Education
Chair: Jin Kangwei (金康伟)
Email: zkw@zjnu.cn

Financial Accounting Teacher Education
Chair: Pan Linzhi (潘林芝)
Email: sxy57@zjnu.cn

Graduate Programs
Business Administration
Chair: Zheng Wenzhe (郑文哲)
Email: zwz@zjnu.cn

Regional Economics
Chair: Xie Shouhong (谢守红)
Email: xieshouhong@163.com

Chair: Jiang Xinwang (姜新旺)
Email: jxw52@zjnu.cn

MBA for International Students
Chair: Jiang Xinwang (姜新旺)
Email: jxw52@zjnu.cn

China-Africa School of International Business

The China-Africa School of International Business was founded in 2010. Aiming to establish a world-class international business school with a special focus in Sino-African business, it is the only African business education institute in any Chinese university.

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The School focuses on economic trade and business administration, integrating personnel training, business consulting, and academic research. It is dedicated to training professionals for global business development, especially for leading Sino-African economic and trade cooperation and developing education and human resources. The School is making positive contributions to world economic development as well as China's Sino-African diplomatic strategy and socioeconomic development.
College Contact Information
Tel: +86-579-82290738
Fax: +86-579-82290738
Undergraduate Programs
International Economics and Trade 
Chair: Zheng Xiaoyong  (郑小勇) 
Graduate Programs
International Business Management
Chair: Zheng Xiaoyong (郑小勇) 


College of Law and Political Science

The College of Law and Political Science, formerly known as the Department of Politics and History, was established in 1977. At present, it has a full-time enrollment of about 930 undergraduate and about 600 graduate students. 

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It has a staff of over 80 members and 6 doctoral student advisors. Among the teaching staff, one is a provincial Accomplished Young and Middle-aged Expert, three are provincial Master Teachers, three are Zhejiang New Century 151 Talent Project (Levels 1 and 2) finalists, and six are Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders of Zhejiang Institutions of Higher Learning. Professor Zheng Hangsheng, Chairman of the Chinese Sociology Association and doctoral student advisor, is a joint appointment professor.

Currently the College offers four undergraduate majors in Ideological and Political Education, Science of Law, Social Work, and Administrative Management. In the 2008 evaluation by the Ministry of Education, the College's research capacity came in 10th among the country's 69 universities involved. The College is now offering a Level-A graduate program (comprising 6 Level-B graduate programs), 4 Level-B graduate programs in Sociology, Civil Law and Commercial Law, Administrative Management, and Foreign Philosophies, two professional degree programs in Master of Public Administration and Master of Social Work, and a Master of Education professional degree program in Ideology.
College Contact Information
Add: Building 26, Zhejiang Normal University
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8616
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8616
Undergraduate Programs
Political Education
Legal Studies
Social Work
Administrative Management
Academic Master's Programs 
Principles of Marxism
Marxist Philosophy
Political theory and practice
Administrative Management
Civil Law
Professional Master's Programs
Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

College of Teacher Education

The College of Teacher Education started as the Educational Teaching and Research Office in the former Hangzhou Teacher’s College, which was established in 1956. In 1989, it developed into the Department of Education and shortly after became the College of Information and Technology.

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Eventually it evolved into the College of Teacher Education as a result of teacher education reform and integration. It is an independent, goal-specific entity that specializes in teacher education.


The College has brought in talented faculty and staff from all over the country. Currently, the faculty is well-structured in age and academic profiles and competent both in teaching and research. Of the 137 members of faculty and staff, 49 hold full professorships, 41 hold associate professorships, and 67 are doctoral degree holders.


The College has the following four programs: Educational Studies, Psychology, Educational Information and Technology, and Curriculum and Instruction. They offer courses in three undergraduate programs: Elementary Education, Applied Psychology, and Educational Information and Technology. The College offers doctoral degrees in Educational Studies and has two A Level master’s degree programs (Pedagogy and Psychology), 12 B Level master’s programs, a professional Master of Education program (with five streams in Science Education, Education Management, Modern Education Technology, Psychological Health Education, and Elementary School Education), as well as a professional Master of Public Administration program in Education Management. With more than 700 full-time undergraduate students and over 1,000 graduate students, the College has grown quickly with high quality in teaching and research.

As a research center, the College has contributed to the educational development at provincial and national levels. It has offered constructive suggestions to policy makers and has played a critical role in helping training teachers and principals from provincial and national levels. The College has one research center for teacher education, one key provincial research base for the humanities and social sciences, one provincial A Level key disciplines (Development and Education Psychology) and nine key university-sponsored research institutes to enhance both teaching and research activities.
Aiming to nurture and develop high quality educators, the college takes “high quality graduates, featured academic research, first-class service, and internationalized faculty” as its vision and is working with joint efforts to serve the public with its continuing traditions in pursuit of innovation and excellence.
College Contact Information:
Tel: +86 (579) 8228-2549
Fax: +86 (579) 8228-2549 
Email: zcmet@zjnu.cn 
Programs and Chairs
Theoretical Foundation in Education 
Fu Jianming(傅建明)
Curriculum and Instruction   
Qian Xusheng(钱旭升)
History of Education    
Lou Shizhou (楼世洲)
Adult Education 
Xu Jun(徐君)    
Teacher Education  
Zhou Yueliang(周跃良)      
Psychology Foundation
Fu Genyue(傅根跃)     
Developmental Psychology  
Li Weijian(李伟健)     
Applied Psychology   
Li Weijian(李伟健)
Information and Technology
Zhang Lixin(张立新)
Economy and Management in Education
Yang Tianping(杨天平)
Elementary Education 
Zhou Xiaoyan(周晓燕)
Applied Psychology
Li Xinyu(李新宇)
Information & Technology  
Huang Lixin(黄立新)


Hangzhou College of Pre-school Teacher Education

Hangzhou College of Pre-school Teacher Education is one of Zhejiang Normal University’s colleges with the strongest comprehensive early-childhood education programs in China, which have the most courses and the largest undergraduate and graduate student cohorts in the country.

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The College has a generalized early-childhood education research system from kindergarten indoor and outdoor environment creation, game toy development, research and development of animation products, and picture book creation and publication to kindergarten curriculum development, teaching and research, and pre-and-post service of teacher education. It is a professional institution which trains outstanding kindergarten teachers, early integrated education teachers, and leads the instruction of educators, amusement designers, toy designers, animation designers, picture book creators, and early education instructors. 
The College offers doctoral programs in Early-Childhood Education and Developmental & Educational Psychology, master’s programs in Early-Childhood Education and Special Education, and bachelor’s programs in Early-Childhood Education, Early Integrated Education, Picture Book Creation, Children’s Cartoon Design, and Toy Design and Engineering. 
With an enrollment of over 3,200 students and a faculty of more than 260, the College has six departments, including the Early-Childhood Education Department, the Special Education Department, the Children’s Art Education Department, the Cartoon Design Department, the Toy Formation Design Department, and the Core Courses Department. The College has an early-childhood provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, with 85 demonstrative experimental kindergartens as its bases. The College also owns a number of research centers such as the Early-Childhood Education Research Institute, the Toy and Playing Research Institute, the Early Childhood Development Research Center, the Children’s Public Policy Research Center, the Early Intervention Center for Children with Special Needs, the Early-Childhood Curriculum Research Center, the Early-Childhood Education Quality Assessment Research Center, the Children’s Cartoon Production Center, the Children Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, the Animation Testing Lab and the Toy Ergonomics Lab.     
The College is located in the cultural and educational district in the western part of Hangzhou with the West Lake to its south and Xiqi Zoology Park to its west. It takes a clinical teaching mode, with seven affiliated kindergartens and 28 experimental kindergartens, forming a circle of practical ecological communities within a 20-minute radius, to ensure that students to do clinical practice one day a week in the kindergartens. Early-Childhood Education undergraduates continue a spiral “practice” from the first to the fourth grade; and for graduate students in professional programs, a “work and learn” combined mode is employed as residents in the kindergartens. 
College Contact Information:
Add: 125 Wen’er Road, Hangzhou
Tel: +86 (571) 8195-2030
Fax: +86 (571) 8195-2030
Bachelor’s Programs:
Early-Childhood Education  
Qin Jinliang (秦金亮)
Special Education 
Zhu Zongshun (朱宗顺)
Child Art Education 
Li Cheng (李成)
Zhang Yiwen (张益文)
Toy Design and Engineering 
Zhou Ping (周平)
Master’s Programs:
Early-Childhood Education  
Qin Jinliang (秦金亮)
Email: qjl@zjnu.cn            
Special Education 
Zhu Zongshun (朱宗顺)
Doctor’s Programs:
Early-Childhood Education  
Qin Jinliang (秦金亮)
Email: qjl@zjnu.cn            
Special Education 
Zhu Zongshun (朱宗顺)


College of Physical Education and Health Sciences

The College of Physical Education and Health Sciences has 108 faculty and staff members, over 700 undergraduates, and 120 graduate students. It offers two undergraduate programs, two master’s programs, and one professional master’s degree program.

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To date, the College has cultivated over 4,000 high-quality teachers and a variety of sports practitioners. Its undergraduate students have a job placement rate of over 90%.

The College has a Sports Culture Development and Research Center, supported by the State Physical Culture Administration, and a Youth Sports Club. Additionally, it has a Scientific Research Base for CUBA (Chinese University Basketball Association), a provincial-level training facility for non-Olympic sports (rock climbing), a provincial-level sports laboratory education center, and a Physical Education and Fitness Research Institute. The college is also a test unit for the National Training Center for Special Trades. Its indoor and outdoor sports venues cover an area of 170,000 square meters with sports facilities rated first-class in Zhejiang Province. 
College Contact Information
Tel.: +86 (579) 8228-2575
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-7990
Undergraduate Programs
Physical Education 
Chair: Chen Yunfu (陈云富) 
Sociological Science of Sports
Chair: Guo Shoujing (郭守靖) 
Graduate Programs
Sciences of Sports and Health
Chair: Zhao Renqing (赵仁清) 
Theory of Sports Pedagogy and Training
Chair: Xue Lan (薛岚) 
Email: xl@zjnu.cn
Master in Professional Sports 
Chair: Wu Weiming (吴维铭) 
Human and Sociological Science of Sports
Chair: Wang Zhangming (王章明) 
Email: wzm@zjnu.cn
Science of Traditional Ethnic Sports
Chair: Guo Shoujing (郭守靖) 
Professional Master's Program
Physical Education

College of Humanities

The College of Humanities is composed of three regular full-time undergraduate programs, three master’s programs, and one PhD program. In addition, the College also offers an M.Ed. in Program Education (Chinese and History) and an MPA in Culture Management.

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Graduates of the College of Humanities typically work as teachers and special experts in language, history, art and culture. It has established provincial level key research bases for social science and humanities. The College currently has 87 faculty members, and enrolls 1,319 undergraduate and 455 graduate students. 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8553
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8553
Email: rwyb@zjnu.cn 
Undergraduate Departments
Chinese Language & Literature Program
Chair: Cui Xiaojing (崔小敬)
Chair: Zhao Zhihui (赵志辉)
Email: zzhtime@zjnu.cn  
Humanities Education
Chair: Chen Caiyun (陈彩云)
Email: ccy@zjnu.cn   
Master's Programs
Chinese Language and Literature
Chinese History
World History
Doctoral Programs
Chinese Language and Literature

College of Foreign Languages

The College of Foreign Languages was established in 1960 and employs 126 faculty and staff, including 14 international faculty. It currently has three undergraduate departments, four graduate programs, and two professional graduate programs.

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Exchange programs have been established with over a dozen overseas universities. Current enrollment includes over 1,000 undergraduate students and over 400 graduate students. In addition to its own students, the College provides the foreign language classes required for students of other colleges within ZJNU.  


The College has two full buildings with facilities that include a computer-assisted translation lab, a simultaneous interpreting lab, a language training center, and a pre-service English teachers’ training center. Other advanced facilities such as the recording studio, the FM radio station, and the lecture hall provide the faculty and students with good conditions for teaching, learning, and other academic activities. 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-9168
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-9168
Undergraduate Programs
English Education
Chair: Fu Anquan (付安权)
Translation and Interpreting
Chair: Jiang Lin (蒋林)
Chair: Xu Weijie (徐微洁)
Graduate Programs 
Chair: Tang Yanfang (唐艳芳)
Email: yftang_zjnu@163.com
Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
English Literature
Translation Studies
Foreign Language Curriculum 
Teacher Development
Professional Master's Programs
English Teaching
Translation and Interpreting

College of Music

The College of Music was founded in 1985. It currently employs 68 faculty and staff members, and has a full-time enrollment of 668 undergraduate and 58 graduate students.

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The College offers two bachelor’s programs and two master’s degree programs. It also recruits graduate students for Master of Education and Master of Fine Arts, and trains those who apply for a master's degree in coequal educational level.
In the last 30 years, the College has developed a training program that centers on practice and caters to the individual student. Students have won numerous prizes in national contests such as the National Collegiate Music Skills Contest and the National University Students Art Performance Exhibit, and many have gone on to become outstanding primary and middle school music teachers. Its classroom building space houses advanced multi-media classrooms, audio-visual laboratories, MIDI studios, digital piano classrooms, ensemble rehearsal rooms, dance studios, piano practice rooms, recording studios, voice analysis rooms, and a concert hall. The College has partnerships with both domestic and overseas universities, including a student exchange program with Taras Shevchenko National Pedagogical University (Ukraine), Washburn University (USA), University of Central Oklahoma (USA), and Shuming Women’s University (Korea).
College Contact Information
Undergraduate Programs
Chair: Han Qichao (韩启超)
Musical Performance
Chair: Zhu Bin  (朱斌)


Music Theory and Composition
Vocal Music
Piano and Orchestra
National Instrumental Music
Division of Dance Teaching and Research
Practice Teaching and Art Department 
Music Research Center
Master's Programs 

College of Fine Arts

The College of Fine Arts was founded in 1985 and now has 69 faculty members, including 29 professors and associate professors. In its three undergraduate programs and one graduate program, all focused on visual arts, the College features a curriculum that integrates teaching, academic research and social service into an organic whole.

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It uses teaching studios and practicum bases to create a favorable educational environment and produce students with marketable skills upon graduation. The College has an advanced multi-functional infrastructure, including an art gallery, an exhibition hall, a visual arts lab center, an art book and resource center, a teaching equipment service center, and an art exhibit and exchange center. 


In recent years, students have won awards in the National College Performance and Art Exhibition, the National College Advertising Art Design Competition, and other professional competitions and artistic exhibitions at different levels. Through academic research, direction of teaching and curriculum projects, and the creation of award-winning art, the College of Fine Arts is striving to become a leader of the field in Zhejiang Province and a nationally influential art institution. 
Chinese Painting Studio
Oil Painting Studio
Printmaking Studio
Model Making Studio
Arts and Design Studio
Clay Modeling Studio
Research Centers
Digital Arts Research Center 
Fundamental Fine Arts Education Research Center
African Arts Research Center
Arts and Design R & D Center
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8228-3080
Email: msxy@zjnu.cn
Undergraduate Programs 
Visual Communication Design
Chair: Xu Huaying (徐华颖)
Environmental Design
Chair: Luo Qingzhi (罗青石)
Product Design
Chair: Zhu Xinzi (朱欣子)
Graduate Programs
 Fine Arts
Chair: Wang Qin (王琴)

College of Communication and Creative Culture

Founded in October 2008, the College of Communication and Creative Culture is a young but vibrant college designed to meet the current societal demands for cultural creation, communication, management and operations talent.

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Taking advantage of the existing University disciplines in humanities, information technology, art, and administration, the College is striving to integrate the arts, science, technology, and management. At present, the College offers four undergraduate programs and two graduate programs. 

The College of Communication and Creative Culture provides the research base for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Zhejiang Province and has made outstanding achievements in the application, protection and study of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” projects. In 2012, Professor Chen Huawen's Folklore History of Zhejiang Province won a provincial Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, and the research base for Intangible Cultural Heritage was named the “Excellent Research Base in Zhejiang Province” by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture. 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-1988
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-1988
Website (Chinese): http://ccxy.zjnu.net.cn
Undergraduate Programs
Chair: Wang Chenhui (王陈辉)  
Digital Media Technology
Chair: Yu Tao  (余韬)  
Email: YT@zjnu.cn
Film and TV Literature
Chair: Lin Youjia (林友桂) 
Culture Industry Management
Chair: Cen Xiaoqing  (岑孝清)
Radio and Television Art
Chair: Jing Xiuming  (景秀明) 
Chair: Chen Huawen (陈华文)
Advertising (in cooperation with Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Chair: Peng Gang (彭纲)
Email: pg@zjnu.cn
Culture Industry Management (in cooperation with Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Chair: Peng Gang (彭纲)
Email: pg@zjnu.cn
Digital Media Technology (in cooperation with Edith Cowan University, Australia)
Chair: Peng Gang (彭纲)
Email: pg@zjnu.cn
Graduate Programs
Radio and Television Art
Chair: Zou Xianyao (邹贤尧)
Chair: Zou Xianyao (邹贤尧)

College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering

The College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering is one of ZJNU's largest colleges. The 257 faculty and staff members include many outstanding scholars who have made significant achievements in their fields, many of them working in the 16 research institutes hosted by the college. 

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Among the faculty are two national “Thousand Talents Project” entrants and ten who have been named to the first and second tiers of the provincial “New Century 151 Talents Project.” In the past five years alone, faculty have published 370 papers in premier research journals and 20 books of research tracts or teaching material. They were awarded 60 patents and software copyrights and received grants in 100 national-level projects with a total of 30 million RMB in research funds and received provincial awards in 200+ projects.

The faculty's standard of excellence carries over to the 2,100 undergraduate and 640 graduate students in all of the College's ten departments, and has established a reputation for cultivating talent with significant results. Many of the graduates have gone on to become well-known scholars, chief scientists, government leaders at all levels, outstanding middle school teachers, executives, and technical staff at companies. 
Research Institutes
Institute of Algebra and Combinatorics
Institute of Electronic Information Technology
Institute of Non-linear Dynamic Systems
Institute of Non-linear Physics
Institute of Mathematical Analysis
Institute of Optics and Acoustics
Institute of Applied Computer Technology
Institute of Computational Mathematics
Institute of Trusted Computation
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Institute of Model Recognition and Digital Engineering
Institute of Condensed Matter Physics
Institute of Artificial Intelligence
Institute of Graphics and Image Processing
Institute of Applied Mathematics 
Institute of Operational Research and Control
Material Physics Department
Electronic Information Engineering Department
Optical Information Science and Technology Department
Computer Science and Technology Department
Software Engineering Department
Pure and Applied Mathematics Department
Communication Engineering Department
Network Engineering Department
Physics, Information & Computational Engineering Department
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8845
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8188
Undergraduate Programs 
Chair: Zhao Xiaohua (赵晓华)
Chair: Gao Xianlong (高先龙)
Optical Engineering
Chair: Zhou Weidong (周卫东)
Electronic and Communications Engineering
Chair: Zhang Changjiang (张长江)
Software Engineering
Chair: Wu Jianbin (吴建斌)
Software Engineering(China-UK dual-degree)
Chair: Wu Jianbin (吴建斌)

College of Chemistry and Life Science

The College of Chemistry and Life Science has 150 faculty and staff members, more than 1,330 full-time undergraduate students and about 560 graduate students. The College offers five undergraduate programs and a Masters of Education degree program which includes three disciplines, chemistry education, bioscience and ecology. 

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The College has over 20,000 square meters of lab space, which houses a variety of large precision instruments including NMR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, TEM, scanning electron microscopes and single-crystal diffractometers.

In the past five years, the College has completed 85 state research projects and 110 provincial or ministerial projects, drawing a total of 90 million RMB in research funds. In addition, hundreds of academic papers have been published in both domestic and overseas periodicals. The College puts a great deal of emphasis on cultivating initiative and creativity in students as well as improving their overall quality, and the results can be seen in the fact that the graduate acceptance rate remains among the highest on campus.
Labs & Teaching Centers
Advanced Catalytic Materials Lab
Solid Surface Reaction Chemistry Lab
Material Physics and Chemistry Lab 
Agricultural Biotechnology and Crop Disease Prevention and Control Lab 
Chemistry Experimental Teaching Center 
Biology Experimental Teaching Center 
College Contact Information
Tel: +86-579-8228-2269
Fax: +86 (579) 8228-2269 
Undergraduate Programs
Chair: Qiao Ru(乔儒)
Chair: Zhang Jiayong(张加勇 )
Applied Chemistry
Chair: Dai Wei(代伟)
Chair: Zhao Tiejun (赵铁军)
Science Education 
Chair: Chen Chongbin(陈崇斌)
Graduate Programs
Inorganic chemistry  
Chair: Li Liangchao  (李良超)
Analytical Chemistry  
Chair: Feng Jiuju (冯九菊)
Organic Chemistry  
Chair: Wang Xiaoxia (王小霞)
Physical Chemistry 
Chair: Niu Zhenjiang  (牛振江)
Polymeric Chemistry and Physics  
Chair: Dai Wei(代伟)
Chair: Chen Jianhua (陈建华)
Email: sky78@zjnu.cn          
Chair: Shao Chen (邵晨)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  
Chair: Sun Meihao (孙梅好)
Email: mhsun@zjnu.cn  
Chair: Pan Jianwei (潘建伟)
Chair: Jiang Donghua  (蒋冬花)
Chair: Bao Yixin  (鲍毅新)
Email: sky90@zjnu.cn    


College of Geography and Environmental Science

The College of Geography and Environmental Science consists of three undergraduate departments, one of which is taught in English, and one primary master’s degree program with seven other graduate programs.

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Current enrollment includes more than 800 undergraduate and 180 graduate students. There are 63 faculty members, ten of whom have been named to the list of “151 Talents of Zhejiang Province Project” and three of whom have been named “Young Academic Leaders of Zhejiang Province.” The College has two provincial level model centers of experimental teaching in Resource Analysis and Planning and Environmental Science.

College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8228-2273, +86 (579) 8228-3595
Fax: +86 (579) 8228-2273
Undergraduate Programs
Geological Science
Chair: Zhu Lidong (朱丽东)
Rural Planning
Chair: Ma Yongjun (马永俊)
Email: lygl47@zjnu.cn  
Environmental Science
Chair: Lin Hongjun (林红军)
Email: hjlin@zjnu.cn  
Environmental Science (English)
Chair: Lin Hongjun (林红军)
Email: hjlin@zjnu.cn  
Graduate Programs
Physical Geography
Chair: Ye Wei (叶玮)
Human Geography 
Chair: Sang Guangshu (桑广书)
Map and Geographic Information System
Chair: Liang Qinou (梁勤欧)
Email: qoliang@sina.com   
Subject Pedagogy (Geography)
Chair: Lv Huijin (吕惠进)
Email: lhj@zjnu.cn   
Geographical Environment and Pollution Control
Chair: Chen Jian Rong (陈建荣)
Email: cjr@zjnu.cn   
Curriculum and Instruction Theory (Geography Education)
Environmental Engineering


College of Engineering/College of Vocational Technology and Education

The College of Engineering/College of Vocational Technology and Education consists of six undergraduate departments and three graduate degree programs. The College currently has 1,500 students and 136 faculty members.

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The College of Engineering/College of Vocational Technology and Education consists of six undergraduate departments and three graduate degree programs. The College currently has 1,500 students and 136 faculty members.

In recent years, the College faculty has gradually formed a stable research direction and achieved an impressive level of research. It has undertaken three national 863 projects, 10 national research projects, 40 provincial research projects, and 40 other projects. The experimental conditions are superior and the facilities include 200,000 square meters of experiment training space. The college undertakes many national training tasks such as hosting a national key vocational education training base, a railway locomotive driver training base and a vehicle maintenance and testing training base. The college graduate employment rate is among the best in ZJNU.
Research Institutes and Centers
Institute of Precision Machinery and Instruments
Institute of Mechanical Equipment and Measurement Control Technology 
Center of Movement Monitoring and Intelligent Control
Center of Education and Employment Research
Precision Machine Tool Research and Development Center
College Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8228-8685
Fax: +86 (579) 8228-8020
Undergraduate Programs
Department of Industrial Design
Chair: Gao Chunfu (高春甫)
Department of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Automation
Chair: Chen Weizeng (陈卫增)
Email: jdxcwz@zjnu.cn
Chair: Wang Linlin (王琳琳)
Email: wanglinlin@zjnu.cn     
Department of Traffic and Transportation
Chair: Qiu Xin (邱欣)
Email: xqiu@zjnu.cn      
Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Chair: Zhang Mianhao (张棉好)
Department of Application Electronic Technology
Chair: Wan Xu (万旭)
Email: wanxu@zjnu.cn    
Department of Vehicle Engineering
Chair: Dong Ying (董颖)

College of International Education and Culture

Founded in April, 2006 and upholding the educational philosophy of “integrating the Eastern and the Western, connecting the ancient and the modern,” the College of International Education and Culture (CIEC) is committed to nurturing bilingual and bicultural students with a global vision and cross-cultural communicative ability.

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The CIEC has an envious faculty and staff of 43, most of whom are doctorate degree holders, and more than half have a rich experience of studying and working abroad. The CIEC offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Chinese Language and Literature, and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. The CIEC has enrolled more than 4,000 students from 109 countries and territories to date and was recognized as “The National Advanced Organization for International Students Management” in 2009. Moreover, the CIEC sends scores of exchange students to study in the United States, Korea, and other countries, and scores of volunteer students to work in ZJNU-joint Confucius Institutes in Ukraine, Cameroon, Mozambique, Tanzania and the United States.
The CIEC remains committed to excellent teaching and upholds the concept of student-centered methodology; hence nearly 100% of its students pass the CET4, 80% for CET6, and over 30% of  undergraduates pursue their master’s degree at the CIEC and elsewhere. Enhanced by modern educational philosophy, blessed by top-quality faculty and staff, and facilitated with advanced teaching equipment and technology as well as a lush, quiet and friendly campus, the CIEC is an ideal place for students from all over the world to learn, and tap their talents and potentials to pursue knowledge of the Chinese language, literature, and culture to embrace the advancement of world civilization.
College Contact Information:
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-8780
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-8797
Bachelor’s Programs:
Chinese Language   
Liu Yan(刘岩)
Master’s Programs:
Guo Jianling(郭建玲)

Independent College - Xingzhi College

Xingzhi College is a private (non-state-funded) college which shares campus space with ZJNU. It confers its own degrees, has different admission requirements and tuition costs, and has its own structure and curriculum. It was founded in 2004 and was named a national “Outstanding Independent College” in 2010.

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Xingzhi College offers 39 undergraduate degree programs in nine disciplines: Art, Economics, Law, Pedagogics, Literature, History, Science, Engineering and Management. It contains six subordinate schools: the School of Business, the School of Law, the School of Language, the School of Art and Physical Education, the School of Science and the School of Engineering. There are also three joint graduate degree programs offered in cooperation with ZJNU. Xingzhi College has more than 470 faculty members and more than 7,000 students.

College Contact Information 
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-1129, +86 (579) 8229-1187
Website: http://xz.zjnu.net.cn/index.asp
Undergraduate Departments
International Economy and Trade
Chair: Luo Peng (骆鹏) 
International Economics and Trade (major in Economics and Trade, minor in English)
Chair: Luo Peng (骆鹏) 
Finance and Banking
Chair: Ma Yong’ai (麻勇爱) 
Business Administration
Chair: Chen Qi (陈琪)
Chair: Wang Xinwei (王新伟)
Chair: Mao Weidong (毛卫东)
Financial Management
Chair: Lu Zhijian (卢智健)
Tourism Management (major in Tourism Management, minor in English)
Chair: Jin Kangwei (金康伟)
Tourism Management (Top-up Course)
Chair: Jin Kangwei (金康伟)
Email:  jkw@zjnu.cn
Electronic Business 
Chair: Hu Feng (胡峰) 
Science of Law 
Chair: Huang Yu’an (黄裕安)
Science of Law  (major in Law, minor in Chinese Linguistics and Literature)
Chair: Huang Yu’an (黄裕安)
Science of Law  (major in Law, minor in International Marketing)
Chair: Huang Yu’an (黄裕安)
Chair: Jia Linghua (贾玲华)
English (major in English, minor in International Economy and Trade)
Chair: Jia Linghua (贾玲华)
Chinese Linguistics and Literature 
Chair: Zhang Jiahe (张家合)
Chinese Linguistics and Literature (major in Chinese Linguistics and Literature, minor in International Marketing and Sales)
Chair: Zhang Jiahe (张家合)
Applied Chemistry 
Chair: Zheng Shaocheng (郑绍成)
Email: jhzsc@zjnu.cn 
Chair: Wang Fang (王芳)
Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
Chair: Jiang Hongkui (蒋洪奎)
Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (students from Professional, Technical and Polytechnic Schools)
Chair: Jiang Hongkui (蒋洪奎)
Electronics and Information 
Chair: Shi Xiaozhong (施晓钟)
Email: sxz@zjnu.cn   
Electronics and Information (students from Professional, Technical and Polytechnic Schools)
Chair: Shi Xiaozhong (施晓钟)
Computer Science and Technology
Chair: Miao Chunyu (苗春雨) 
Visual Communication Design
Chair: Li Ning (李宁)
Email: ln@zjnu.cn
Environmental Design 
Chair: Li Ning (李宁)
Email: ln@zjnu.cn
Product design
Chair: Li Ning (李宁)
Email: ln@zjnu.cn


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