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Institute of African Studies

Under the leadership of director Liu Hongwu, it integrates academic research, talents training, policy consultation and international exchange into an organic whole. At present, the institute offers three-year master’s programs in African Politics, Africology, African History and African Education.
The Institute has 30 researchers in four research centers: the Center for the Study of African Politics and International Relations, the Center for African Economic Studies, the Center for African Educational Studies, and the Center for the Study of African Historical Cultures. It also contains the Research Center for FOCAC (Forum of China-Africa Cooperation), the African Museum, the Translation Center for African Studies, and the library and professional website of “China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Program” (http://pdas.zjnu.edu.cn/). The Institute publishes a biannual Journal of African Studies and has compiled 120 volumes of African Studies Series, and is commissioned by the Ministry of Education to compile the annual Africa Development Report. It is a member of the Steering Committee of China-Africa Joint Research and Exchange Program (FOCAC), of the “China-Africa Think Tanks 10+10 Partnership Plan” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and of the Key Institutions for Region and Country Studies (Ministry of Education). 
The Institute has organized many international conferences in Africa. In 2010, the Institute hosted the “Seminar Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the FOCAC” in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Mr. Xi Jinping, then Vice President of China, delivered a keynote address. The China-Africa Think Tanks Forum (CATTF) is an initiative launched by the University in 2011 to create a shared platform for dialogue and exchanges between Chinese and African think tanks. The ideas presented at CATTF and the academic achievements it has produced provide intellectual support for the enhancement of China-Africa exchanges and the development of Sino-African relationships. 
Institute Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8228-6091
Fax: +86 (579) 8228-6205
Master’s Programs
African International Relations
Chair: Liu Hongwu (刘鸿武)
International Politics of African Countries
Chair: Jiang Hengkun (姜恒昆)
African History
Chair: Liu Yun (刘云)
African Education
Chair: Niu Changsong(牛长松) 

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