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Tin Ka Ping Institute of Educational Research

The current director is Professor Sui Yifan, who is the Associate Director of the University Academic Council, a joint-appointment doctoral student advisor at East China Normal University, and a special appointment professor at Peking University. The Institute’s specialty is research in comparative education (especially African education), university curriculum and pedagogy, higher education theory and university culture. It offers two master’s programs in higher education and comparative education. 


The Institute consists of 11 full-time staff, 3 joint-appointment professors and 35 adjunct professors. Of the full-time staff, 9 are full-time researchers, 8 are doctoral degree holders, 8 are full-professors and 3 are doctoral student advisors. The Institute includes the Center for Comparative Education Research, University Culture Research Institute, Taiwan Higher Education Research Institute, Educational Theory and Educational History Research Institute, and the Editorial Board for Zhejiang Foundational Education Reform and Development.  There are also four University research institutions affiliated with the Institute: the Center for Higher Education Research, the Center for Teacher Education Research, the International Comparative Education Research Center, and the Ukraine Research Center. 

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