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Institute of Physical Chemistry

Currently, Chinese Academician Wan Huilin is the director of the Institute and several other well-known professors make up the academic committee that supervises and approves the research and development of the Institute. The Institute carries out research, technology development, and social services to facilitate our nation’s economic and technology development while focusing on the research of chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, energy, and the environment.
The Institute has developed quickly in recent years. At present, there are 12 full professors, 6 associate professors, and 9 assistant professors working at the institute. The institute consists of four research units, the Division of Applied Catalysis, the Division of Green Catalytic Materials, the Division of Electrochemistry, and the Division of Inorganic Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Chemistry.
The Division of Applied Catalysis focuses on integrated research on heterogeneous catalysis. Research themes include the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and zeolites and their applications to industrial catalysis and separation as well as the application of heterogeneous catalysis to fine chemicals.
The Division of Green Catalytic Materials focuses on the design and characterizations of novel catalysts for the catalytic combustion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), catalysts for ozone depleting substances (ODS), substitutes and fluorine-containing olefin synthesis, catalysts for green synthesis of fine chemicals (e.g. selective hydrogenation and oxidation), and in situ characterizations.
The Division of Electrochemistry focuses on the electrochemical preparation and characterization of novel nanomaterials, chemically modified electrodes and their catalytic properties, electrochemistry of biomolecules or biosystems, and fabrication and applications of electrochemical biosensors.
The Division of Inorganic Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Chemistry concentrates on the preparation and microwave-absorbing properties of nanoscale rare-earth ferrite, carbon nanotube composites and quantitative study of their mechanical and electrical properties, and self-assembly of metal-organic coordination polymers and supramolecular chemistry.
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