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Research Center for Light-emitting Diodes

The Center focuses on the development of Semiconductor Optoelectronic Materials and Devices, and the training of senior technical talents of LED research and development. In order to promote the LED technology and industry in Zhejiang Province, the Center advocates the combination of production, study, and research by strengthening the interactive development between research, technology and industrialization, and by developing the innovation chain and the industrial chain from physics, materials, devices, and major equipment to key demonstration application engineering throughout the province.

Objectives of the Research Center for Light Emitting Diodes:
•The Center will expand its influence by original research work and independent intellectual property rights, ultimately becoming a nationwide influential research center of LED technology.
•The Center will be a sustainable technology radiation center and industrial services platform of the LED industry in Zhejiang province.
•The Center will serve as the training center for high-tech LED talents in Zhejiang Province.
Research Center Contact Information
Tel: +86 (579) 8229-7913
Fax: +86 (579) 8229-7119

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