Zhejiang Normal University
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University Milestones

 ZJNU began as Hangzhou Teachers Associate College in 1956, and through a process of mergers and name changes evolved into the Zhejiang Normal University we know today. Below are listed the major events in its history.

June 1956
Hangzhou Teachers Associate College founded.
September 1958
Name changed to Hangzhou Teachers College.
August 1962
Zhejiang Education College merges with Hangzhou Teachers College to become Zhejiang Teachers College.
August 1965
Zhejiang Teachers College relocated from Hangzhou, the provincial capital, to its current location in Jinhua.
June 1982
Zhejiang Teachers College Jinhua Branch Campus merges with the main campus.
February 1985
Name changed to Zhejiang Normal University (ZJNU).
June 2000
Zhejiang Finance College merges into ZJNU.
August 2001
Zhejiang College of Pre-school Education merges into ZJNU.
October 2004
Jinhua Technical College for Locomotive Drivers merges into ZJNU.

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