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Student Exchange

ZJNU students are encouraged to have an international experience during their undergraduate and graduate studies. Currently ZJNU has active student exchange programs with over forty universities and colleges offshore (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan regions). Students typically go for one or two semesters of exchange as non-degree seeking students. They usually pay international tuition, with a discount in some cases. They are encouraged to study in a similar academic program for credits in core courses. Where similar programs don’t exist, the credit hours taken are transferred back to ZJNU as non-core course credits. Students are required to buy compulsory health and accident insurance before departure. Safety instruction and orientations are given at ZJNU before they leave, and again upon arrival at the host university. 

In addition to Chinese language and culture classes offered for international students, ZJNU also has undergraduate and graduate programs taught in English. Foreign universities interested in creating opportunities for their students to study in China can also set up a student exchange program. International exchange students in similar academic programs can take courses in English. For a list of degree programs taught in English, please see Degree Programs.
MOU Procedure
For partnering universities, the procedure for setting up a student exchange program is as follows:
1. The host university contacts the International Office of ZJNU to sign an Exchange Student Program (ESP) MOU with ZJNU. You can download the Student Exchange Agreement Sample.
2. The host university provides application procedure and guidelines for the ESP.
3. Promotional activities for the ESP are carried out by both universities.
4. Prospective exchange students submit application documents to the host university.
5. The host university issues acceptance documents to selected exchange students.
6. Exchange students apply for a visa.
7. Exchange students get safety instruction and orientation.
8. Exchange students study at the host university.
9. Exchange students complete their study overseas and return to ZJNU.
10. The host university issues academic records to exchange students. 
11. The students’ credit hours are transferred back to ZJNU to fulfill their degree requirements.
List of Current Partner Universities and Colleges
1. Washburn University (USA)
2. University of Central Oklahoma (USA)
3. Temple University (USA)
4. Lawrence Technological University (USA)
5. University of Kansas (USA)
6. Western Michigan University (USA)
7. West Liberty University (USA)
8. Troy University (USA)
9. Northern Arizona University (USA)
10. Eastern Washington University (USA)
11. Salem State University (USA)
12. Emporia State University (USA)
13. York College, The City University of New York (USA)
14. University of North Georgia (UK)
15. Otterbein University (USA)
16. Wakayama University (Japan)
17. Hyogo University of Teacher Education (Japan)
18. Utunomiya University (Japan)
19. Yonsei University (Korea)
20. Sookmyung Women’s University (Korea)
21. Daegu National University of Education (Korea)
22. Sangji University (Korea)
23. Institute of Education, University College London (UK)
24. University of Worcester (UK)
25. The University of Northampton (UK)
26. University College Dublin (Ireland)
27. University of Debrecen (Hungary)
28. Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Hungary)
29. Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (Ukraine)
30. Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University (Ukraine)
31. Edith Cowan University (Australia)
32. University of Wollongong (Australia)
33. Chi Nan University (Taiwan)
34. University of Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
35. Tunghai University (Taiwan)
36. National Taiwan University of Arts (Taiwan)
37. Providence University (Taiwan)
38. Hsinchu University of Education (Taiwan)
39. National Taitung University (Taiwan)
40. Hsinchu University of Education (Taiwan)
41. Kaohsiung Normal University (Taiwan)
42. The Hong Kong Institute of Education (Hong Kong)


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