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Faculty Exchange

The most important component of ZJNU’s internationalization strategy is faculty exchange, which is realized through out-going and in-coming projects. ZJNU sends many faculty abroad each year, diversifying the experience and perspective of their work and research. It also invites international faculty to give short-term courses on an adjunct basis, with transportation and accommodation stipends and a modest honorarium.
Bilateral exchange is most often found in Research Collaboration. Foreign university faculty who have similar research interests are encouraged to contact the individual college or department for possibilities. Funding is available from ZJNU or Chinese government agencies to finance such cooperations.

Opportunities Available

ZJNU is seeking international faculty to come to Jinhua and teach short courses during their summer break or sabbatical leave. ZJNU’s summer break usually does not start until early July, so international faculty can teach these short courses in May or June. The short courses are typically four to six weeks in length and are core courses in undergraduate academic programs. 

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For these short courses, ZJNU prefers international faculty at the rank of associate or full professor. They will be reimbursed traveling expenses, provided with free accommodations and office space at ZJNU, and compensated with an honorarium of a few thousand dollars. 

The following is a list of ZJNU courses that seek international faculty for 2015. Interested parties can send a cover letter along with a resume or CV to Ms. Fang Liang at fangliang531@126.com.
List of Courses Seeking Short-term Foreign Faculty
College of Geography and Environmental Sciences
Environmental Toxicity
Environmental Catalysis
Clean Production
Water Pollution Control Engineering
Environmental Remediation Technology
College of Engineering, College of Vocational and Technical Education
Probability Theory & Mathematical Statistics
College of International Education
Theories and Methods of Culture Teaching
New Technology of Language Education (elective course)
Introduction of Foreign Cultures
Sinology in Western Countries (elective course)
Topics of Western Education (elective course)
Psychology of Foreign Language Education
Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Languages
College of Fine Arts
Corporate Visual Identification System 
Interface Design
Design of Urban Public Space
Innovative Thinking Methods
College of Chemistry and Life Sciences
Chemical Engineering Design
Chemical Technology
College of Physical Education and Health Sciences
Physical Fitness Training 
Sports Injury and Rehabilitation
Exercise Prescription
College of Foreign Languages
Creative English Writing
Critical Thinking and English Teaching
Survey of English-speaking Countries
Appreciation of British and American Literature Works
Literary Translation and Cross-cultural Communication
College of Economics and Management, China-Africa International Business School
African Business Etiquette
International Technology Trade
Security Analysis and Investment
International Management System Demonstration
Research Methodology in Economics
International Financial Report Analysis
Finance Engineering
Institute of African Studies
African Arts
African Economy
Institute of International and Comparative Education
Study of Education in Africa
Comparative Study on Educational Policy and Institution
International faculty interested in teaching short courses for future years are encouraged to contact the Division of International Exchange and Collaboration (international@zjnu.edu.cn).


Opportunities Wanted

ZJNU started a project a few years ago to increase its faculty’s international exposure and experience. The project aims to send an average of a hundred faculty members per year on exchange or visiting scholar trips overseas so that by the year 2020, 75% of all ZJNU faculty members will have had an international study/work/research experience of over six months. 

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Foreign universities who can host ZJNU faculty in various academic disciplines are encouraged to contact the Division of International Exchange and Collaboration (international@zjnu.edu.cn). ZJNU faculty members who have common research interests with those in foreign universities will also be encouraged to contact the foreign university for joint research opportunities. ZJNU or the Chinese Scholarship Council will finance the faculty members’ accommodations, library fees (bench fees) and other costs associated with eligible exchange trips.


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