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Research Collaboration

ZJNU faculty are encouraged to do joint research in collaboration with faculty of foreign universities. University funding is available to support faculty to travel overseas on research projects, or for the foreign partner to travel to China. If a research area of common research is identified, ZJNU can sign a joint research MOU with the partnering foreign institution so that copyright and intellectual property issues can be outlined.

List of Research Areas Seeking Foreign Faculty Collaboration
Prospective collaborators are asked to contact the individual colleges and departments listed. 
College of Teacher Education 
Sociological analysis of textbooks
Educational context and policies
Fundamental theories in curriculum and instructions
Digital learning environment
Community's role in crisis prevention
Contact: Associate Dean Qian Xusheng, at jkyqxs@zjnu.cn, or zcmet@zjnu.cn
China-Africa International Business School
China-Africa business studies
Contact: Associate Dean He Shurong, at hsr@zjnu.cn, or cabs@zjnu.cn
College of Economics and Management 
Contact: Dean Zheng Wenzhe, at: zwz@zjnu.cn or sxy@zjun.edu.cn
Institute of African Studies
Development of Contemporary Marxism and Left-wing Ideas in Africa
Contemporary African Political Theories and Social Ideological Trends
Contemporary African Philosophy 
Contemporary African International Relations Theory
Localization of Democratic Politics in Contemporary Africa
External Influences on National Construction in African Countries
Development of African Think-tanks and Cooperative Paths between China and Africa
New Types of Industrialization in Africa
New Types of Urbanization in Africa
Issues of Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers in Africa
Poverty in Africa and China-Africa Cooperation in Poverty Alleviation
International Investment in Africa and Financial Cooperation
African Marine Economy & Resources and China-Africa Cooperation in Marine Areas
Governance Experience Sharing between China and Developing African Countries
African Religions
Spread of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping Ideology in Africa
Tracking and Compiling of Public Opinions toward China in African Countries
Chinese Emigrants in Africa 
Contact: Dean Liu Hongwu, at liuhongwu@zjnu.cn, or ias@zjnu.cn
Institute of International and Comparative Education
Contact: Director Wan Xiulan at wanxiulan@zjnu.cn, Tel: +86-57982282680
Don’t see your field listed here but are interested in collaborating? Please contact the College or Department directly.

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