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Studying at ZJNU

ZJNU is an attractive place to study that draws students from all over the globe for its excellent yet affordable academic environment. Whether coming for language study or degree programs, whether their goals lie in academics or business, students of all types find a home at ZJNU. 

Both ZJNU's campus and the city of Jinhua provide a perfect balance of big and small, advanced and traditional. ZJNU is one of the top universities in the province with award-winning faculty and programs, but as a teacher's training college it has maintained an educational and human focus without the fast-paced pressures of high-powered research institutions. The campus has a wonderful international community, with over 850 international students and teachers, but it maintains a distinctly Chinese feel and has not yet hit the overly modernized or cosmopolitan vibe found at schools in bigger cities. Likewise, Jinhua is at a great stage in its development, with a certain level of modernization but not so much that cultural and linguistic immersion are difficult to find.

Students in ZJNU's programs find funding from many different sources, making the tuition and other expenses manageable. In addition to scholarships from the government or schools of their home countries, ZJNU students are eligible for national, provincial, and university-level scholarships from the Chinese government for a variety of majors and programs. About 30% of current students receive some amount of Chinese scholarships. 

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